5 Keys to Productivity

Those of us who earn on the net need to stay productive. There are no bosses telling us what to do. If we want to make more money, we need to be more productive.

The infographic below has 5 keys to productivity.

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Please leave your comments below. Tell us what keys you use that help you​ be more productive.

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  1. Great infographic Ed. I have just recently been working on my computer files. It’s so easy to let them get out of hand and you’re right, it wastes so much time!

    • It is very easy for them to get out of hand! Too easy! I am getting better at it, but it certainly takes a bit of diligence to keep it organized. It’s a lot easier to take the time up front, than to keep rearranging on the back end.

  2. Great tips! Organisation, time management and goal setting are what I need to work on at the moment. I feel somewhat scatterbrained – it’s hard to know what to do first!

    • That is always the conundrum when “scatterbrained”. I love that word, by the way. I think we can all relate to it at some time or another!

      If it’s any help, I always start with goal setting, because from that, the organization and time management can be included in the process.

      I am giving a free webinar on Thursday about goal setting and some systems and processes that help with it.

  3. This is a great looking infographic, Ed. It presents a appropriate amount of information for its size and is very easy to read. On top of which it is a very interesting read. Thank you.

    • Thanks for the kind words – glad you liked it!

  4. Great post! love the networking. “We work alone but we are not alone” Getting the computer organized is always a challenge and seems to go unnoticed until its overrun with the past 5 months data!

    • Yes, Networking is crucial!

      Any type of disorganization seems to creep up on us. We don’t notice it’s gotten that way until we start spending lots of time looking for things. Then, we know we’ve lost an additional day doing “clean up.”

  5. Great infographic and your point about keeping your computer tidy is most valuable, searching for that ever elusive file can take ages.

    • Yes, I’ve lost uncountable hours over the years because of that! I finally figured it out at this late stage. Better late than never, I guess!


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