7 Tips for Successful Blogging

Blogging Tips

Sarah Arrow is a professional blogger and blogging coach. Along with her husband, Kevin, she runs a fantastic 30-day blogging challenge, which I have participated in, and highly recommend.

She also judges blogs and in a recent blog contest, she listed her criteria.

With her permission, I am listing the criteria below, as this is an excellent checklist to be sure you have the best possibility to create a successful blog post:

  • A good headline
  • Links to references / external sources
  • Deep linking (links to own content in post)
  • Images in post
  • A call to action
  • A post longer than 500 words - Sarah gave an extra point for this criteria
  • The ideal reader is identifiable - Sarah gave additional points for this criteria as well

Keeping the above tips in mind when writing a blog post will go along way in helping your organic reach, as well as better connecting with your readers.

Please comment below if you have anything to add, or want to ask any specific questions.

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