A Master in the Art of Living

Many people look to earning on the net, because they want to be freed from the limitations of the 9-to-5 work cycle.

For some, those limitations are felt mostly by the salary or hourly wage they are paid. Others think the limitation stems primarily from the rigid schedule they have to follow. Yet others feel restricted and limited due to an overbearing supervisor.

While all of those might have some merit to them, and are certainly valid if that is the reason people are compelled to be freed from that situation, another factor comes into play that people rarely think about.

Do you love what you are doing?

Do you absolutely love it?

Does it even feel like work? If it does, that's a limitation in itself.

I know many people who have made the transition from working a full-time job for someone else, to working out of their home on the Internet. Most of them actually spend many, many more hours at "work” in their online venture than they did at the J.O.B.

However, if you ask them if they're working more or less than they were before, most will answer “less.”

The reason?

It doesn’t feel like work.

It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s something new that energizes them. It always stays interesting and fresh.

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

That is exactly what I am referring to. If you are passionate about what you do, and you love doing it, then it never feels like work.

Whether you are looking to work part time on the net for a few extra dollars a week, or you are doing it to fully support your family, you have the freedom to do things you enjoy. As I mentioned in an earlier post, if there are tasks you do not like doing, you can always outsource them.

This means that all of your “work” is something that you find interesting and engaging.

In reality, this means you never “work” at all.

Be in control. Enjoy what you are doing. Be “a master in the art of living”.

There are techniques that can be employed that will make any task enjoyable, but for most people, the best solution is to find what you love doing, and you'll naturally do it with pleasure and gusto!

Below is a wonderful poem by Lawrence Pearsall Jacks that describes this perfectly. As a side note, this poem is usually falsely attributed to James Michener.

A master in the art of living

draws no sharp distinction between

his work and his play,

his labour and his leisure,

his mind and his body,
his education and his recreation.

He hardly knows which is which.

He simply pursues his vision of excellence

through whatever he is doing

and leaves others to determine

whether he is working or playing.

To himself, he is always doing both.

Enough for him that he does it well.

Still struggling to find that perfect fit or to take your online business to the next level? Contact me and I’ll be happy to have a conversation with you to see what can be done to get you pointed in the right direction.

If you've never worked online before, you can take a look here first.

Whatever you decide to do, be a master in the art of living.

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  1. Hi there Edward! This is really a cool post about living the way we want to live.
    I am still in that struggle mode but I am working my way out of it. With the 30 day Challenge and also with my PLR store I am working hard to move forward.

    All The Best
    Edward Haberthur

    • The nice thing is that if you are enjoying what you are doing, the more you do it, the less of a “struggle” it will seem. Keep at it! All the best!

  2. Great post Ed. It is SO important to be passionate about what you do. I LOVE what I do. Really enjoyed the poem you shared.

    • Thanks, Ruby! I can tell from your blog that you love what you do. It always shows, doesn’t it?

      I’m glad you liked the poem. It really spoke to me when I first read it.

  3. I’ve been contemplating play and fun. These are my words for the year, I’ve decided! Anything that ceases to be fun is over, for me, which just may be my 60 hour a week J.O.B. I help deliver babies, and I would miss those beautiful loving light Beings. Still grappling with my choices in this next few years. The fact is, I can’t do it all.

    • That can be a tough choice, but it really does boil down to doing what we love. Otherwise, it is not just ourselves that suffer, but those around us. I know you’ll make the right choices when the time comes!


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