Best of Earning On The Net: Week 1 of the Challenge

If you have been following this blog in 2015, you know I entered Sarah Arrow's 30 day blog challenge. This is the 10th day in, and today I will do a "week in review". OK, technically, it's a 9-day review! If you are Earning on the Net, or want to be Earning on the Net, I highly encourage you to go through these, even if you have already.

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Here's what we've discussed so far during this challenge (they will open in a new window so you won't lose this page):​

Blogging Challenge - This was the post that kicked off the challenge. If you blog, or would like to blog, check this out. It will help you with your writing and, if you join Sarah's Facebook Group, also with your networking.

5 Essential Online Marketing Strategies - Are you working online? Be sure to utilize all of these strategies in your business.

Productivity Tip: Bullet Journal - This is a heads up about an "analog" solution for task lists. Very innovative! If you, like me, can use some help with organizing your task lists, you'll love this idea.

Go Mobile Or Go Extinct - Your website must be mobile optimized. This post covers the situation and the solution, providing fascinating stats and great tips.

One man band? Stop playing solo - This post discusses places to get some help in your business. Just because you work alone, does not mean you have to work alone.

Using Images Online - We all want to use great images on our websites and digital products. Here are some things to keep in mind, and some tips to keep from running up against copyright laws.​

5 Ways To Irritate A Potential JV Partner - These are common mistakes people make when looking for JV Partners. Avoid these methods at all costs!​

Best Ways To Not Irritate A Potential JV Partner - This is a follow up to the post before it. In that post, I showed what not to do. The one has tips and ideas on much better ways to approach JVs.​

Creating Product Funnels - ​Do you ever create digital products? Have you thought about creating digital products? If you said yes to either of those questions, check out this discussion of product funnels. It'll make you more money!

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  1. Is the Bullet Journal post your most shared? As that post created raving fans and I’ve seen it everywhere since :)

    • It was shared the second most. The highest shared was the 5 Essential Online Marketing Strategies post. I have seen Bullet Journal everywhere, too, lately!


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