Creating Product Funnels

If you are a creator of info products, you will want to consider having a full product funnel.

For the newcomers who are not sure what a “product funnel” is, it is the process that begins when the buyer purchases a product, and is then “funneled” through other offers.

For example, they might buy an eBook on SEO and then get offered an upsell of SEO software, and if they don’t buy that, they might be offered a “light” version of the software for less money.

Product funnels can go deeper than that, if you are drip feeding related products to your customers over time through offers delivered by email. In the example above, they might be offered a ticket to a live SEO webinar a few days after their initial purchase.

As a marketer, do you want to use funnels? Of course!

They provide more profit. It is generally easier to get an existing customer to buy a related product than it is to find a new customer.

However, creating the proper funnel for an offer is not always straightforward.

Note: In today’s post, we are only discussing product funnels, as opposed to sales funnels. The topic of sales funnels is broader, and includes the entire sales process, including marketing, lead generation, split testing, etc. We will cover sales funnels another day.

There are numerous factors to take into consideration when creating a product funnel. Below are a few highlights of things to keep in mind.

Is the initial product complete?

If the initial product is not complete in and of itself, and you are adding an upsell to make it complete, then you are doing your buyer a great disservice.

I see all too frequently a very low-priced front end product that sounds wonderful on the sales page. However, after purchase, the buyer discovers that he has to get the upsell in order for it to work correctly.

That is a setup for failure. You'll get many returned orders and a potentially bad name in the business.

When designing a funnel, make sure the initial foundation product that starts the funnel is complete in and of itself. If people don’t buy anything else, you want them to still feel they’ve purchased something of value from you.

Are the products from the funnel relevant to each other?

A funnel should have a "flow" to it. The products throughout the final should all be related to the same topic.

You would not want the initial product to be about SEO and the first upsell product in the funnel to be about selling T-shirts on Facebook.

The first upsell in a funnel should be something that is closely related to the original product, and that will save the buyer time, money or “learning curve frustration”.

Ask yourself if the first funnel upsell will make the original product perform faster, better, or easier. If none of those, does it offer advanced strategies? Again, just be sure those "advanced strategies" aren’t things that ought to have been put in the original product.

People are willing to spend extra money to do something better, quicker or even cheaper. What they don’t want to experience is to spend extra money to get something they should’ve already gotten.

How smooth is the buyer experience?

Most buyers do not mind looking at some additional offers before they download their product.

However, there are a few things they don't want to see, in most cases.

They don't want to see upsell after endless upsell. If you have an extremely deep funnel, consider offering some of the items via email in an autoresponder sequence over a period of time.

This way, you can offer them some things to buy now, but as you develop your relationship with them, you automatically have other things offered to them that they can purchase from you.

Also, make sure they can check out the upsell or down sell offers easily.

Long sales letters can in some markets be quite effective. An upsell right after purchase is usually not the time to use them, though,

Ask yourself, “Is the buying experience throughout the sales funnel one that would please most buyers within the target demographic?” If you can honestly answer “yes” then you have this part covered.

Those are just a few things to consider when creating your sales funnels.

Product creation is my favorite business model. Sales funnels are a crucial part of that model. If you are not using sales funnels in your business, I highly recommend you take the time to learn about them.

I run an occasional small group coaching class that teaches product creation as a business model and we go into great depth on sales funnels. If you are interested in being notified when the next class starts, please leave me a ticket on my support desk.

Additionally, one great resource you can use is a course by Sean Mize called The Johnny System. I bought the rights to it. You can click here to see information on it. The course consists of videos of Sean creating info products from scratch throughout a multi-product sales funnel. Not only does it teach some of the intricacies of sales funnels, it also teaches how to create the info products themselves from scratch.

If you would like to add your thoughts on sales funnel creation, please leave a comment below.

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  1. some great tips here Ed, I have never really thought of product and sales funnels as being separate

    • Most people don’t separate them. Product funnels are just a part of a sales funnel, if you think about it. Knowing that helps, because when we are working on one part of a funnel, such as the products, we can see that part of it without distraction and without confusing the issues. Glad you liked the tips!

  2. Again I enjoyed this post Ed. Really useful information, thank you again :)

  3. Great post Ed. I’m working on some of this as a newbie to Infusionsoft so it was a great reminder to remember the flow rather than overcomplicate things. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Yes, flow can make all the difference. The better the experience of the buyer, the more likely they’ll buy from you again.


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