Ed, Trust Funnel, and a Nod to Dr. Seuss

Ed Reads Trust Funnel, But Not in a Tunnel​

Ed reads Trust Funnel in the bed,

and standing on his head.​

He’ll read it when he’s wet,

and read it on a bet.

He’ll read it in the car,

and read it at the bar.

He’ll read it by the stove,

and read it in a grove.

He’ll read it on the throne,

and read it with a scone.

He’ll read it on the floor,

read it in the store,

and read it out-of-doors.

He’ll even read it with a clown,

but he’ll never ever ever read it with a frown.

Grab your copy of Trust Funnel today,

and you can read it wherever you like!

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  1. YOU ROCKED IT!!!! Haven’t read the book
    But I’ll take a lil look
    Your post it was so funny
    You should charge some money!!!

    Just kidding…I like reading for free!!!

    • Haha! Thanks! Love your comment. Brian’s book is fantastic – highly recommended. I had a blast doing this. Was lots of fun, and got to tip my hat to a great marketer.

  2. Ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best! It is the best book advertising I ever ever saw! I even wanted to buy the book. But…
    Thanks to your article… I received this message from Amazon:
    “Temporarily out of stock.
    Order now and we’ll deliver when available.”
    I can’t believe it! You ruined their stocks. :-))))))))))))

    • Thanks! Although, I can’t take all the credit. Brian built an amazing amount of enthusiasm going into his launch. I was inspired to feed into it. Brian is one of those marketers who understands you can have tons of fun and enjoy what you are doing. So true!

  3. Oh wow, this is awesome! Reminds me of the photo-stories that I’d try to “direct” as a (younger) child 😀

    This is my first encounter with this book – and I’m looking forward to grabbing at least the Kindle version! Thanks for the heads up :)

    • Glad you like it – I had a blast creating these. I highly recommend the book for anyone wanting to use the Internet t make some money. Even experienced marketers will find great tips and techniques in it.


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