Facebook Groups

For Fun And Profit

Build Large Communities!

Top Marketers are using Facebook Groups to grow their business.

The question is...

Are you taking advantage of this incredible opportunity?

With Facebook Groups, you can:

  • Exponentially widen your customer base.
  • Gain and dramatically increase your authority and credibility in your area of expertise.
  • Take advantage of one of the best ways to build a community for fun and profit.
  • Easily network with your fellow enthusiasts, clients and customers, and have them love you for it!

Do you want your customers or clients to stay engaged? Do you want to find a way to stay in front them at all times? Do you want a better and easier way to build credibility and authority? 

The potential for growth and engagement with Facebook Groups is mind-boggling.

Ed Akehurst Earning On The Net

Hi! I'm Ed Akehurst and I am involved in running several groups on Facebook that have memberships in the thousands. One of them has over 27,000 members. These groups are active, excited and highly engaged, The members contribute daily and the numbers continue to grow at ever-increasing rates. How exciting is that?!

​With the experience of running these Facebook Groups, I have discovered some of the best techniques for establishing, growing, and maintain Facebook Groups. I've created an easy to follow guide, Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit.

Whether you want to build a large community to make money or just to have a highly visible way to interact with people engaging in your favorite hobby or activity, Facebook Groups are the solution.

The potential for growth and engagement with Facebook Groups is mind-boggling.​

Grow a Large Group and Be Seen - Gain High Authority Status 

Do you want a better and easier way to build credibility and authority?

Do you want to find a way to stay in front of them at all times?

Do you want you and your fellow enthusiasts, customers or clients to stay engaged?

Your 36 page, no-fluff guide will make sure you get your Group set up properly and quickly. You will start adding members at a rapid rate.

Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit

Easy to follow instructions - step-by-step.

The best ways to manage members and admins.

Get the highest rates of member engagement.


 Facebook Groups For Fun And Profit

What you'll learn in this easy-to-follow guide:

  • Why Facebook Groups. There are many platforms you could use to build your community. You will quickly see why Facebook Groups are the very best.
  • Which Privacy Type To use. There are several settings. Do you want your group public? Private? Secret? Learn the differences and discover when to use which type.
  • Creating and Setting Up Your Group. You will know exactly how to get the Group set up without any issues. This is easy to do, but also easy to do ineffectively. As my Dad always said, it's better to learn to do it right the first time!
  • Members and Member Management. You need to keep the group under control, without being a tyrant. You'll see exactly how to do that with ease and success.
  • Motivating the Members To Participate. One of the key elements of a Group is getting the members to participate. Discover the secrets of getting them engaged every day on their own.
  • Administrate the Admins. These easy to implement techniques will allow you to administrate a Group effectively, even with tens of thousands of members. You'll have the best, most cohesive Admin staff ever.
  • Growing Your Group. It's OK to want a small, intimate group, but there are times when you want to grow a group into the thousands. See some of the best tips, tricks and techniques to get that growth.
  • Monetization. Not every group needs to be monetized, and some might only be monetized indirectly. But if it;s money you want, it's money you can get. See the best ways to monetize your Facebook groups.

 Some of the Many Benefits You'll Gain

    1. Easy To Implement: The step-by-step guide will have you set up and running in no time. Avoid the mistakes and take advantage of the best time-tested strategies.
  1. Only The Best: There are many ways to run Facebook Groups. I show you the best of the best. These are the very same techniques that helped me create Groups that keep growing!
  2. Resources All in One Place: I've done the research for you and compiled your resources in an easy to access format. There are only a click away!
  3. There are many advantages to running a Facebook Group. One of the best advantages is that you gain high authority status in the eyes of the members. You are automatically perceived as an expert in the group topic.
  4. As the group grows, so does your authority and visibility. Be seen. Be seen by the very people you are networking with, whether they are fellow enthusiasts, customers, or clients.
  5. Facebook Groups For Fun And Profit Helps you navigate the many pitfalls that can derail your group before it hits critical mass and goes viral.
  6. By Avoiding the Pitfalls, You'll maximize the growth and run your Group that will continue to provide benefits to your Members for as long as you desire.

Fast Action Bonus!

Bonus: FAQ Companion Guide: For acting today, you get a 66-page companion guide that contains all the relevant FAQs from Facebook Support. This guide is especially useful for Newbies to Facebook Groups.

Experienced Marketers will also find it helpful, because all the questions and answers are formulated in an Easy to access format that can be printed for reading offline.

You'll never want for an answer about a Facebook Group again.

I am so confident that “Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit” is just what you’ve been looking for that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Read the 36 page no-nonsense PDF Guide and the 66 page Bonus: FAQ Companion Guide. Study them. Then follow the easy step-by-step instructions to create and grow your Facebook Group. See for yourself that these are the best of the best techniques to create your Facebook Groups, manage members and admins, while increasing your visibility and authority online, whether for fun or for profit.

That’s not all.

If you can’t find at least 3 ways to grow your Group and gain High Authority status, then I’m not doing my job. And if that’s the case, let me know within 30 days, and you’ll get a hassle free refund.

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 Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit

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Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit

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