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Today, I have some fun and games for you. This is a puzzle exercise I use to open many of my training workshops. Hopefully it will translate well to an online environment. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

I have placed the content in the tabbed sections below, so nothing gets spoiled before you have had a chance to try to solve the puzzle yourself.​

Starting in the first tab, "The Puzzle", it will be revealed how to set the puzzle up. You will be doing it with pen and paper.

The second tab, "The Rules", will contain the rules and explain what you need to do to solve it.

After you have tried, and either succeeded or given up, you may then click the third tab, "The Solution" to see if you completed it correctly.

​The fourth tab, "The Ending", will provide some food for thought.

​I hope you have as much fun trying this as I did putting it together for you! I look forward to seeing your comments on it below.

  • the puzzle
  • the rules
  • the solution
  • the ending

Did you solve it? If not, try for a few more minutes! Otherwise, click play on the video below, and see if you solved it correctly. Once you have viewed it, click the next tab, "The Ending", to read some thoughts on the exercise.


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  1. Great post, Ed and I especially like how you did the tabbed box at the bottom with the instructions and solution. This is one of my favourite games for training too.

    I think that exercises like these that challenge your perception and get you to think outside of the box (no pun intended) are great ways to train the brain and also work as great icebreakers as you say.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I agree. Once people start to think in wider and broader perspectives, amazing things begin to happen.


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