How To Use Curated Content For Niches

Mike Darling

Guest Post by Mike Darling

Today we have a guest post by Mike Darling of

I know Mike from a private online forum we both belong to, and I am quite honored to have him as a guest today.​

​Mike is a successful online marketer. He is also a Registered Geologist out of Bend, Oregon. He runs Smarter Web Solutions, LLC.

Mike teaches others to create an online business based on a laptop - one that can be conducted from anywhere in the world, needing only a computer and an internet connection.

He trains how to create passive income streams through the development and proper nurturing of lots of niche websites.​ He also specializes in niche market research, search engine optimization, direct response marketing, and creating and selling digital products on-line.

Please take the time to leave comments or questions below.​

How to Use Curated Content for Niches

We all love the idea of creating niche websites, but one of the biggest challenges to building niche sites is getting content.

Writing content for blog posts on subjects we know and love is a challenge to most people.

Writing content for our niche websites on subjects that we may have little knowledge of can be even a greater challenge.

There are two ways to get content for a website - create it yourself, or borrow the content from somewhere else.

If you create the content, then you have to either write a blog post, record a video or podcast. The task of writing a blog post can be made easier by paying someone to write articles for you, or utilizing private label rights (PLR) source material. With both prepared articles and PLR you should rewrite the source material, and give it your own voice and authority.

Creating your own content takes time and some knowledge about the niche subject.

What if I can show you a way to borrow content from somewhere else? Legally?

And what if I told you that both the author of the borrowed content and the visitors to your niche website, will love you?

Curated Content

The second way to create content is borrow the content from somewhere else. Find great content that someone else has created on a relevant topic, then collect it, organize it, and display it on your website. This is called curated content.

Curated content can be:

  • an article or part of an article written by someone else;
  • an article by you in which you summarize several other articles; or
  • media such as a podcast or YouTube video

Curated content is everywhere around you, and you have been reading and consuming it for years.

Curated content is a great way to engage your blog readers by giving them what they want - more information about the topic they are interested in. You do the job of finding, collecting, organizing, and displaying all this content on behalf of your reader. And you display this content on your website.

Curating Articles

With curating articles you have two choices.

The first method is to copy the entire article from the source, along with the author’s resource box, and post that article in your blog post. The second method is to copy a relevant paragraph or two and post that paragraph in your blog post. With both methods be sure to preserve the resource box or link back to the original article.

Before the article, write a short introduction about the article. Include your thoughts about the topic and why you thought the article should be displayed.

You now have original content (your comments) created around a curated article from another blog post.

Curating YouTube Content

YouTube is a fabulous storehouse of great videos that you can post on your blog. Avoid the cute videos of cats (unless you are in the cat niche).

Find a short and informative video within your blog topic, copy the YouTube url, and paste it into your blog post.

But you are not done yet. Just like the articles I mentioned above, you are going to comment on the curated video content you just posted.

Before and after the YouTube video, write a few short comments about what you liked, what you didn’t like, maybe two or three bullet points, and a summary.

Now you have original content (your comments) created around a curated video from YouTube.

Be a Content Curator

The readers of your blog and website, are hungry for information. Become a skilled content curator, and give them more of what they want.

With just a little effort and time, you can become skilled at finding, collecting, organizing, and displaying great content on your website. And your website visitors will love you for it.

What curated content can you show on your website today?

Mike Darling

Many thanks to our guest, Mike Darling, for this great info. Please visit his website and we'd love to hear your comments and questions below.

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  1. Great guest post. I’m very new to curated content but I can really see the benefits, saving this for later!

    • Thanks! Yes, curation can be of great benefit. Hopefully Mike can chime in on the comments as well.

    • Ruby, thanks for your comment. Curated content is a great way to show yourself as an authority on a subject, because you took the time and effort to go and find wonderful content, and then organize it so it is easy to consume.

      If you have a blog, then the best thing to do is get started with your own articles and then add curated content.

      Just be sure to leave a link back to the original article or source.

      Mike Darling

      • Mike,

        Have you experienced an SEO difference between original posts and curated posts?




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