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Press releases are a great way to get the word out about yourself, a project, a product, or an event. If done right, they can provide a lot of long-term exposure. I still have some online press releases from years ago that show up for certain keywords in Google.

​Press releases can be released online and also in many print newspapers. You will get more long-term results out of the online press releases. Print press releases are best for upcoming events, soon to be released products, local marketing, or if used for credibility building. If the print publication has a corresponding online presence, then you could possibly get some longer-term results from it.

As to online press releases, they generally tend to rank very high in the search engines and last a long time, especially if properly optimized. Below we will cover a few of the more important tips to get better results from your press release and will also cover some online resources to use when submitting them.

Click the button below for a book by Paul Clifford called "Press Release Power". It is available on Amazon, but I bought the rights to it so I could let you have free access to it here. It is from 2011, but it is still as relevant as the day it was written. 

A Few Good Tips

Read Like A News Article: A press release will not be as  effective it if reads like a sales letter. It might not even get accepted for publication. It needs to be factual and succinct. Avoid an abundance of adjectives and keep it newsworthy.

For example, instead of writing, The widget comes in a beautiful purple color that everyone loves you could write The widget is offered in purple, a first in the industry. Demand has been high.

​Depending on the publication, you may not have to be quite that formal, but even with publications that accept a looser standard of submission, it still has to read more like a news piece than a sales letter.

Use short sentences and avoid long words: Most press release experts suggest writing to a fifth grade level.

The majority of readers need to be able to easily understand and comprehend your press release. If it sounds like literature, most people will not take action on it. They might not even make it through the whole thing. There are exceptions, such as if you are promoting a novel or piece of art. 

Include a few quotations: In most press releases, it is a good idea to include a few quotations.

​For example, instead of writing Ed Akehurst found the product helpful you could write Ed Akehurst commented, "The product was very helpful to me. I found it helped increase productivity in several areas of my business."

You do have to be careful when using quotes. Many online press release sites will reject the submission if it has too many quotes. Usually, the rejection will state that it is not enough original material.

As with everything, it is important to have balance.

Have a call to action: If you have any expectation of people taking action, you need to tell them what to do.

This can be subtle rather than outright, but it must be there.

If you are promoting an upcoming workshop for example, in the author box of an online submission, or at the end of the press release for a paper submission, there needs to be a statement that informs the reader of the actions they can take.

In that case, you can write something such as To register for this workshop, visit the sign-up page at

Going The Free Route

While in many cases you can get much wider exposure if you use a paid press release service, it is not always necessary to do so. Perhaps your budget does not allow for it, or perhaps you're willing to submit to many extra places manually to get similar exposure.

There are many free resources online that will accept press releases and print publications do not charge for press releases. Keep in mind, some of the free ones limit or prohibit links within the release itself. Some of them also may have a limited syndication.

Below is a list of websites that offer free press release publication. Check them carefully for submission guidelines and to make sure that your niche fits in with their service. You may also want to look for other publications within your niche that would accept press releases. I am not recommending any of the sites below over the others, I am just providing them as a starting point for you to find some places you can submit to. There are more links to free press release sites in the back of the Press Release Power book you can download above.

Caution To Affiliates And Associates

If you are an affiliate or associate for a company, check your agreement and make sure press releases approved by corporate.

Some companies do not allow any press releases and others want them pre approved by corporate. Always stay in compliance. It's too easy to do things correctly, and there is no need to put your livelihood at risk.

Press releases can be very helpful to your marketing efforts, but they are not the end-all be-all piece of the puzzle, and if using them puts your business in jeopardy, they are no help at all.

In Conclusion

Time to take action!

Download Press Release Power from the button above, and once you've gone through it start writing your first press release and get it submitted.

As always, if you get stuck with anything or have any questions, go to the Contact page and let me know how we can help you.

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