2 New Products – Facebook Groups and Market Research

I released two products yesterday: A report on running and growing Facebook Groups and a full course on doing conducting profitable Market Research. I have listed them on the Products page, but today's post will contain a more in-depth look at them.

​If these look of interest to you, feel free to get them, or if you know of anyone who might enjoy these, please share this page. If you are a marketer, and see that these are a good fit for your list, the affiliate links are on the Products page under the individual listings.

Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit​

​This report came about because I mentioned in one of the marketing forums I belong to, Earn1kADay Insider's Club, that I ran several Facebooks Groups, and some of them were quite large. In fact, I run about a dozen of them, either on my own, or with others. The smallest only has a few members, the largest has almost 28,000 as of this writing. Most have between several hundred and a few thousand.

The questions were asked: How did I grow them so large, and how did I manage them​ with so many members?

I started to write a reply, and realized it was not a quick answer​. I decided to create the report, as I am sure others would like to know this information as well.

​In Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit, I share how to set up a Facebook Group. I also include a companion guide that has all of the FAQ items from the Facebook support site, so anyone who has never done this before, or who hasn't used all the features, will have easy access to helpful information.

Then I get into two main areas: How to grow the group, and the best ways to manage it, especially when it gets large.

I cover mostly things we have done personally to get our Groups to such large numbers, but I also include a few things I have seen done successfully. It is my hope that the readers will find at least a few good tips and techniques that they may not have yet thought of, that will help their Groups grow at a more rapid rate than otherwise.

I reveal some great tips ​and suggestions on how to keep member engagement up, and how to manage the Group so it doesn't stagnate or devolve into spam or flame wars.

When Groups get into ​the 15,000+ member range, especially if there is an international membership and posts are being added to the Group 24 hours a day, you need at least a few Admins. We have some innovative ways we keep peace and harmony in our Groups when multiple Admins are involved. Having multiple Admins can otherwise bring it's own set of problems.

In the report, I also touch on some monetization methods, for those who want large Groups as an income source.

The report is currently only 7 bucks.​ I wanted to price it so anyone who wanted this information could afford it.

You can get more information on Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit by clicking here.

Profitable Market Research Made Easy: Know Your Savvy Customer​

​This is a course delivered through a member's area. It consists of a 73 page PDF, and includes a spreadsheet, a set of 9 videos, and another bonus set of 18 videos.

This course is an updated version of a product I released earlier. At the time it was called Profit Mind Reader.​

The PDF has been completely updated and added to​, the 9 videos are current and deal with keyword research, and the other videos are from the original product, but are still relevant and add more details and information than is found in the PDF alone.

Anyone Earning On the Net needs to know how to conduct proper market research. Otherwise, there is no way to know if a niche is a profitable​ one to get into. Even if it is, in order to market to it, you need to know about the hot buyers. Who are they? Where do they live? Where do they hang out online? What are their demographics?

All of that info will help you create a customer avatar, so you know exactly how to communicate with them. Without knowing that, your sales letters will be too generic, you will not know the best places to promote or advertise, and you will always be struggling to complete.

The course walks you step-by-step through exactly how to find those profitable niches and how to identify the ​hot buyers within the niche.

If you do any marketing on the net, or if you are looking to find profitable niches to get into, this course is invaluable.​

I have also made this super affordable. It is on a dimesale that ends at $27, which means the price goes up every few sales, so the sooner you buy, the lower the cost will be.​

You can get more information about this product by clicking here.

If you have any comments or questions about these products or the topics they cover, please let me know below.

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