One is Greater Than Zero

I ran across the following video from Gary Vaynerchuk.

​It is less than 3 minutes and I highly recommend watching it. It is quite inspiring!

​Sometimes as marketers we skip over the little things. Maybe we don't do a guest blog because the person only has a handful of readers, or we turn down a podcast interview because the podcaster is just starting out. Gary explains why that's a bad idea and shows, by his own example, the way to grow and succeed by doing the little things.

Click here for Gary's blog post with the original posting of this video.​

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  1. Thanks for sharing this video Ed. I’ve been procrastinating on what do I want to do next for the online part of my business and this cemented an idea I have been sitting on for way too long.

    • That is great to hear! This video did something similar for me. Very powerful!

  2. I ‘heard’
    “Do, is better than not doing. Act regardless!”

    Thanks for the video Ed.


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