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Do you share book links?

Whether you are an Amazon affiliate, a blogger, a book reviewer, or simply someone who likes to share links to books they love, there can be issues when sharing Amazon links.

With the advent of social media, we now have friends and fellow readers all over the world. It is great that we can share things we love with people everywhere, but there is a potential downside, too.

When sending an Amazon link to someone of a different country, they may be taken to a page that says that item is not available in their area. The reality may be that it is, but they can't get it from that link. If, for example, you send someone a link to an page, which is the US version of Amazon, but the viewer is in England, they may not actually get to a page they can order from.

From an online group I belong to (thanks Dennis Becker!) I found an easy solution to overcoming that problem:​

​With Booklinker, you can now create one link to a book, that when clicked will automatically detect the location of the visitor and send them to the appropriate page on the Amazon site appropriate to their geographic region.

It is a free service, and there is a similar service, GeoRiot (free for the first 1,000 clicks per month) that does the same thing for apps, music, and products.

If you are an Amazon affiliate, there is even a way you can attach your affiliate tag to the link.​

You can go straight to the site or you can check out my video walkthrough below for more information:

Please let others know about this great service!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and how you'll use it.

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  1. i do book reviews on my blog and usually do a link to amazon in the uk as well as the us so this is a great post, thank you for sharing.

    • My pleasure – glad it will help you. I did the same thing (post multiple links) before I found this resource – it is super helpful!

  2. Thanks for the awesome review! Please let us know if you have any questions / comments.

    • My pleasure, Jesse! Keep up the great work! You all put out super helpful stuff.


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