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As Internet marketers, we tend to give away a lot of free items.

Usually, we do this for lead generation. For example, we’ll offer a short report on how to accomplish something. The customer gets it for free, in exchange for their email address.

Once they have their free report, we usually offer them a more in-depth report for a price. Not always, but that's a common tactic.

Either way, we can market to them from time to time, because we have their email address and permission to email them.

As long as we don't constantly pitch them offers, and provide them with insights and tips from time to time, they will continue to read our emails, and we get to continually market to them.

In the ideal scenario, it’s a wonderful win-win relationship. Your reader gets usable content, sometimes for free and sometimes at a reasonable cost, and you get a continuing customer.

The giveaway model works in other areas of marketing as well, such as for Kindle books.

Under certain circumstances, for a few days, you can give your published Kindle book away for free.

Most of the time this is done to get initial exposure for your book, to gather new readers, and to gather some reviews.

I've released numerous Digital Products and even a paperback book, but never a Kindle book. I am in the process of editing and proofreading two Kindle books for imminent release. Due to that, I am researching areas of marketing that are unique to Kindle.

I ran across a fantastic blog post from Sarah Arrow, called "72 Places to promote your Kindle book".

She provides some fantastic information for getting the word out about your Kindle books during the free promotion period.

The first thing she reveals are websites. I knew there were a few websites that were dedicated to promoting free Kindle books, but Sarah lists 35 of them! Talk about a fantastic resource. I can’t wait to check them all out.

I am a member of numerous Facebook Groups, and I manage a few of them.

What I didn't know, is there are Facebook Groups dedicated to the promotion of free Kindle books. Sarah provides 10 such groups, and includes some tips on best interacting with them to get maximum results.

I know the power of Facebook Groups, especially when you begin to get active within them. I have to admit, though, that I would not have thought about using them for a free Kindle book promotion.

I am looking forward to taking the resources Sarah provides. as well as her tips, and adding my knowledge of the subject, to see how effective that will be.

One of my upcoming digital products is on running Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit, so I’ll be able to gather some more info for a future update! As an aside, that eBook will be released in a few days. The final version is being edited and proofread now.

Back to Sarah’s post: Sarah also provides 10 Twitter hashtags along with tips on using them.

Have you ever heard of a Twitter Party?

Me, neither!

When you read Sarah’s blog post, be sure to click the link to the Twitter Party, found in the Twitter Hashtag section. That will really open your eyes up to some effective alternative marketing methods!

After I have used some of these methods, I’ll be sure to report back with a case study, and let you know which ones were most effective.

There are also 23 resources for press releases.

I've discussed Press Releases elsewhere, so I won't get in-depth with them here. if Press Releases are something that you want to utilize, be sure to check the Free Downloads section of this blog for a free book on the subject.

Sarah also gives four resources to Blog Tours. She seems a bit undecided as to their effectiveness, but this is an area that intrigues me greatly.

One of my marketing clients from a few years ago is an author. He did a Virtual Book Tour that operated similar to what Sarah discusses with Blog Tours.

He did it via guest posting on certain blogs on prearranged dates, with advance notice so the blog's readers could have questions ready for him on the “tour date”.

It was a very interesting marketing model. It was certainly fun to participate in it, and it was successful in gaining a level of additional awareness for his book.

It will fun and informative to use this tactic for Kindle.

Lastly, Sarah provides some additional information, such as networking and social media tools, and also some "what-not-to-dos”.

I was very happy to find Sarah's informative blog post and am looking forward to trying out many of her resources once my Kindle books are published. Be sure to go through her entire post!

No matter what you do to promote your products, whether they are Kindle or otherwise, never forget the value of a giveaway. In future posts, we will discuss some techniques and resources for digital product giveaways, such as landing page design and short report writing.

What have you done in the past to get yourself or your products seen, by using giveaways? We would love to hear what's worked, but also what didn't work, and why you think that might be.

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  1. This is an area that I am hoping to go into. I’m co-authoring a book this year so will be learning more about the world of writing. Fab post, saving for future reference :)

    • Thanks, Ruby. I’d love to hear how you do with your promotions when the time comes.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of results you have with this strategy Ed.

    • Thanks, Brian! I’ll definitely be posting those. Will be educational and informative no matter what!

  3. Those are fantastic resources. The amazing facebook parties are another organized event for promoting an author face book page, for instance. Do they really sell books, those facebook parties? Hard to say.

    • Yes, that would be hard to say. I think, though, whether they actually sell much, might be secondary to the increased awareness about the author and the author’s work. Either way, they sound like fun!


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