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Do you write copy? Ebooks? Articles? Info Products? Blogs? Novels?

If you can answer yes to any of the above (or to any kind of writing), you might want to consider using a proofreader.

A proofreader is not an editor. Editors are great to use, especially with copywriting.

Proofreading is something entirely different - and just as important.

A good proofreader does not merely fix grammar, punctuation and spelling. They can make existing clauses and sentences more powerful. Much more powerful.

My recommendation: Take one eBook or other written project you are working on, and hire a proofreader for it. Notice the difference and pay attention to the suggestions they make and the reasons they give for those suggestions. You will immediately see the value, and the importance, of using  a good proofreader.

​It is important to be productive. In most cases, "good enough is good enough." If we wait for perfection on every project, we'll never get any project launched.

​With that said, a proofreader has the ability to take that "good enough" draft and send it over the edge into near-perfection.

This allows you to "crank out work" without sacrificing quality.

And the bonus? Your writing will have an extra "edge" to it.​ It will still be your writing, but it will have grown powers. Super-powers, if you have the right proofreader.

I found the right proofreader for me.

Will I use him for everything I write? Of course not, but I will for the important projects​.

His name is Gary Thaller.​

I recently had the pleasure of working with him.

Gary is an author with a magnificent grasp of the English language. He has a deep understanding of the many nuances of written communication and how to implement those nuances with powerful effect.

Gary proofread a revision of an eBook I am in the process of releasing. The book had been proofread already and I was not expecting much, but wanted to see what he had to offer.

I was quite frankly floored by the number of things he found to change. Some changes were better punctuation or word usage and others were seemingly minor structural changes to sentences, that when changed created a deeply profound effect.

When the reason for a change was not immediately apparent, he was able to clearly elucidate those reasons. In a few cases he provided options that were all correct, yet each one was an improvement from what was originally written.

Every suggestion he made was correct from a language and communication standpoint, but perhaps more importantly, was given with love and care. I never once felt talked down to or demeaned.

In fact, his recommendations were delivered in such a way as to lift me up and empower me as a writer. Everything from him demonstrated his desire to share his love of language and to assist others to become better, more effective communicators.

His entire process is relationship-based and I feel almost as if I have gained a friend in addition to a proofreader.

Gary gets my highest recommendation, and I look forward to working with him on writing projects in the future. In fact, we already have another project scheduled.

Gary is booked for over a month right now, but you can reach out to him through his email at

​Try using a proofreader, even if you don't hire Gary. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

If you have had any experiences with proofreaders, I'd love to hear about them. Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Gary is a world class wordsmith, and I’m going to run all my books through his brain at some point… I’ve not told him that yet as I don’t want to scare him 😀

    • Yes, please don’t scare him! LOL! Since he’s booked so far in advance, and you have projects for him, perhaps I should have not told the world about him. I may have just made it harder for myself to hire him again. Oops!

  2. Great article Ed. Saving for later :)

  3. Great post again Ed, I have an awesome proof reader, she can spot a missing comma in any article from 200 yards away, school teachers hated her as she used to send letters back to school corrections, but she is also my Wife and I love her to bits :-)

    • Thanks! Awesome to have such skills right there in the household!


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