Stop losing your prospect’s attention

Geico just came out with some fantastic Youtube commercials that are designed to grab attention immediately.

They are putting these on Youtube as preroll ads, which are notorious for being skipped as soon as possible.

They identified the problem most Youtube advertisers face, which is that after 5 seconds, the viewer can skip the ad. This happens almost always.

It is not because the ad is bad, but because they didn't change the ad based on the marketing medium. They are taking their TV ads and putting them on Youtube.

The viewer behavior is completely different on Youtube than on television, and if you want to keep the viewer from skipping the ad, you need to change the message so that there is a strong hook within the first 5 seconds.

You can read a more in-depth article on this from AdWeek by clicking here. It opens in a new window. 

I have embedded the four Geico ads below if you want to see them.​

They are a great reminder to us marketers to be sure we are grabbing our prospect's attention immediately.

Regardless of the format for an ad or sales pitch, we only have a certain amount of time within which the prospect will either keep reading (or watching). Otherwise, they will move on to something else.

It is also a good reminder that we might need to change our message or approach based on the media in which that message is being delivered.

Enjoy the ads and remember to leave your comments below!

I hope this post was informative, as well as fun! Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. So true. It doesn’t matter what the ad is, I skip it. We you tubers are not open to ads on that particular medium– especially Geico!

    • Same here! I very rarely watch a Youtube ad all the way through. There have been some notable exceptions. The new Geico ads are a great example of marketing matching the medium.

  2. I recall reading somewhere that you don’t pay for a You Tube advert that doesn’t show for a full 30 seconds, so that means your 5 second advert is about raising brand awareness more than anything else.

    • This is true, however most companies don’t even do that.

      They just upload a commercial that was designed for television or a pop up ad, and most of those don’t have any branding at all until towards the end.

      As you mention, it’s super important to get that info out to the viewer within the first 5 seconds.


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