Success Formula Webinar – Join Us

JVFocus has invited me to guest host their first webinar of the year, with Gordon Russell.

I am going to cover my Success Formula. You can grab a copy of the Success Formula PDF on the Free Downloads page.

If you saw the Success Formula presentation I gave to Jason Fladlien’s 6-in-6 Coaching students, you will know I go more in depth and cover more areas than the PDF.

On the webinar, we will be discussing the foundation of success, which is being able to set and reach every goal every time.

Whether a business venture, an online marketing business, or even a personal goal, such as weight loss or smoking cessation, in order to succeed, it must start with a solid foundation.

The foundation we will be covering is a solid tangible formula for success.

We will analyze what can be controlled and influenced and what to do about that which is out of our control.

We will talk about how to set goals properly so you are best positioned for the greatest success.

We will take an in-depth look at what to do to make sure your goals are achievable.

By the time the webinar is complete, you will be prepared to tackle every goal confidently, with no fear and no self-doubt.

We are going to cover setting and reaching goals from A to Z, from the time you conceive of your goal, until you successfully accomplish it.

The goal of the webinar (pun intended) is to make sure everyone who attends will always be able to reach every goal they set.

Join us and ensure your success!

The webinar is over, but here is a recording of it:

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  1. Thanks! Can’t wait to listen it. I hope it will be a replay for those who can’t attend.

    • There should be a link sent out to anyone who registers. I’ll try to follow up, too, just in case. Thanks!


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