Today is day 16 of Sarah Arrow’s 30-day blogging challenge. That means I am now officially over the halfway mark. Yay!

There is a daily task list that Sarah provides. Some days there is just some useful information and ideas, and other days we have tasks to do. Today is the day that we are to list testimonials for social proof.

This is something that every entrepreneur should gather. If you don't have any testimonials yet, but you are out there working, start asking your clients and customers for them.

I always encourage my off-line clients to get video testimonials from customers and put them on their website.

Testimonials are always good to have, because it reassures your potential customers that they're making the right decision in purchasing from you.

People buy from people.

Yes, you need a good sales page. Yes, you need a solid, quality product or service. But, you also need a good reputation. The best way for people to find out if you have a good reputation is to provide some social proof to that effect.

In light of today's assignment, I have gone back and gathered various testimonials from different places.

I'm always accepting new testimonials. If you've done business with me, feel free to send a testimonial my way!

If I'm a customer of yours, and you would like a testimonial from me, just ask!

I am always happy to provide them. Keep in mind, that I am always honest, sometimes brutally so, in my testimonials. If I do not have something positive to say, then you can keep it private and use it to improve your business. If I have something good to say, then feel free to publish it and post it wherever you see fit!

I hope you have as much fun reading through some of these as I did going back finding them and putting them here. These brought back many good memories!

In the comments section below the testimonials, let us know what you do to gather testimonials from your customers and clients.

Testimonials from business partners

Below is a video from Justin Popovic. I have partnered with him before, and he was kind enough to put this out when I began my product creation coaching classes.

The written testimonial below that is from another business parter, George Andrews, who is also a member of my Accountability Group.

George Andrews Business Partner

I’ve known Ed for some 18 years.

For the past 9 years we’ve been business partners in a ... venture. Being a musician all of my life, I’ve found business to be somewhat of a mystery. Ed has helped me unravel that mystery and made the learning process fun. How can you not have fun when your business dealings work out?

When it comes to business, I’ve always founded him to be a source of inspiration, very creative with his business solutions and spot on with his business advice. A major reason for the effectiveness of that advice is his deep understanding of marketing and sales psychology. After all, there is no such thing as a company. We’re still dealing with people.

All told, I would not hesitate to work with him, take his advice and learn whatever he might want to teach.

Testimonials from customers and clients:

The following collection of testimonials are from customers of various books and info products I have put out over the years. In some cases, I created the product myself, and in others, I worked in partnership with either Martha Mayo, Ed Mercer, and/or Jason Ohrum.

Don Wilson Marketer

If it’s got Ed and/or Martha’s name on it……buy it.

Leanne King Wordpress Queen

This is an extremely well put together package by Ed.

John Trader Marketer

Brilliant concept backed by top-rate product creators. Big recommend ~ signed, one of your many happy customers. THANKS for this! 

Barb Ling Marketer

Utterly wootworthy tremendous value here! Ed Ed and Martha have continuously produced quality products with a capital Q – really grand grand tips, secrets and ideas are shared.

Ben Adkins Coach and Marketer

This should be REQUIRED READING for any offline marketer who is using (or wants to use) Facebook for their clients. 

You guys have outdone yourselves.

I just added this one to my "bag of tricks"

Top Notch Info.

Justin Wheeler Marketer

Ed and Martha consistently put out great products.

James Schramko $5000 a Day Earner

Well done releasing this product. Great to see implementation and I feel privileged to be mentioned.

Mark A. Geisler Marketer

This was an easy decision! You guys are on a roll of putting out consistently high quality products and you make buying an easy decision.

Paul Clifford Marketer

Wow - talk about value - this is a great training program. We need to get to grips with the inner workings of GooglePlus - and your first volume was excellent in that regard, so I'm really pleased to see the next version.

Great for both experts and newbies.

Nice One!

John Hascue Marketer

All I can say is..."very, very, very nice". Great job.

Russell Wright Coach and Marketer

I would like to have you as a guest speaker for my members.

Kim Thomas Marketer

Ed, Martha and Ed are always delivering top notch quality products!

Donna Hamer Marketer

... you guys ALWAYS over deliver when it comes to training. Thanks!

Teresa Miller Kindle Expert

I absolutely love the way Martha and Ed have put this package together!

"multistreams" WF Member

Now this is truly Over-delivery! If you want to become recognized as an expert get this package do what they tell you and it is inevitable! Seriously over-delivered!

Get it Use it Profit!

Dave Senor Consultant

Brilliant Product! Also, thank you for your amazing support! You are a true credit to the WF and I'm thankful for the help and product you've put together.

The strategies are very well thought out and easy to implement.

Stefan SandinConsultant

I have read it. Put it aside, and read it again.

*Could it be so easy as they say*

I said to myself, lets read it again and then take action. I did (no cost) and bang! Response. It actually works.

Jenn Elizabeth Dize Writer and Marketer

It’s a FANTASTIC product, guys!! Really well done!

Thanks for reading!

Please let us know what you do to gather testimonials from your customers and clients!

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  1. Great post Ed, I am quite lucky in as much as we tend to get our testimonials written on our evaluation forms which make the process very easy, and after keynote speeches attendees are always willing to put there words on video which i then put on youtube, but shortly they will also be on my site.

    • Awesome! Sounds like you have a great system in place for it!

  2. Great article, Ed!!! My clients are… people’s hearts and souls, therefore I never thought I can ask for testimonials. Reading your words, I just realized that plenty of testimonials are already in my pocket. Somehow I was wrong and thought that I must sell something to receive them. Thanks a lot!

    • Absolutely! All a testimonial really is, is someone else relating their experience they had with you, whether that experience was based on a service, a product, a venture, a relationship, a social interaction, or even a connection of the heart. Testimonials are beautiful things, because they are positive memories that can be shared with others.

      • Are you a Testimonial Angel or what? I was always wondering how I will show a testimonial to any potential client when I will want to sell the first product. Thanks to you, I don’t have to worry anymore.

        • LOL! Very glad to hear that! Glad to be of service!


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