Turnkey Business Revolution – The Entrepreneurial Myth

If you run a small business, you owe it to ourself to set aside 40 minutes and watch this extraordinary Michael Gerber video.

You will look at your business completely different afterwards.

Michael Gerber is the author of The EMyth and he runs a business coaching program.

In this video, he discusses the reasons most businesses fail and what to do to make sure you don’t become a failure statistic.

Are you working in your business, or are you making your business work? Do you understand the difference?

This video will open your mind, and show you the way to true lifestyle freedom.

“Knowing how to do the work in a business has nothing to do with creating a business that works.”

The system is the solution. Michael Gerber shows exactly you what you need to to create the system and make your business turn-key.

This video was recorded in 1989, but the information Michael Gerber provides is as relevant today as it was the day he recorded it.


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  1. Great post and I love Michael Gerber’s work, though do not practice it enough. Great reminder to refocus

    • He’s amazing, isn’t he? This is a good one to watch every few months to make sure we are staying the course.


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