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Welcome to Earning On The Net!

This site is put together to help people who are earning, or trying to earn, a living on the Internet.

I have been a full time marketer for several decades, and as the times have changed, I have adapted my business accordingly. I love to share information and resources.

The feedback from my readers lets me know that it is helpful, useful, and can make people’s lives better. Be sure to bookmark this site and come back often.

There will be tools, tip, strategies and insights into Earning on the Net. There will be information for everyone. There will be items for people who are new to earning on the Net or who have been struggling with getting their first few projects off the ground. There will also be great info for people looking to get to the next level and even for veterans, so no matter where you are at the moment with your online earnings, this will be a place to come to to find answers and work towards reaching your goals.

I wish I could guarantee that each and every person reading this will reach every goal they set, but everyone puts in different amounts of action and effort, and your results may vary, even if doing the exact same thing as someone else. What is guaranteed, though, is that if no effort is put in, no result can be expected.

On the topic of goal setting, be sure to download the free goal setting report from here.

Let’s resolve to work together for the mutual benefit of all of us.

– Ed Akehurst

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